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Infrared Soap Dispenser Automatic Electric Soap Dispenser Sensor SP

Infrared Soap Dispenser Automatic Electric Soap Dispenser Sensor SP

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Keeping Clean Hands

Now you can get the liquid soap out of this product via sensor and then it dispense a small amount of soap.  We made it simple and cute this can be in a kitchen, bathroom. shop room or laundry room. 

This just allow your life to be easier to get clean and leave. Along with saving per the soap dispense a efficient amount needed to assist your soapy needs. 


- Suitable for bathroom, kitchen and other environment. The soap dispenser is sleek and white, easy to integrate with the kitchen and bathroom decoration style;

- The body adopts frosted design, easy for you to check the amount of liquid soap inside. 

- With infrared induction design, it can sense and produce foam automatically. 

- As long as you put your hand under the mouth, it will produce foam. 

- It can reasonably control the amount of foam, more practical. 

- High efficient motor with low noise can provide you with a comfortable using environment. 


-Please turn off the dispenser when you need to move it in case any soap flowing out.

 -Please kindly check if it's out of batteries when it not work, try to install new battery.

 -Please keep the surface of the unit clean, wipe this soap dispenser with dry towel regularly to avoid long-term corrosion upon the unit.

 Installation Method:

1. Full waterproof design (battery, circuit board), the battery not included.

2. It has high anti-interference and is free from infrared interference;

3. Sensing distance, the distance from the sensor to the hand is 2-3 inches is the appropriate distance;

4. The default amount of the liquid output is: 1ML; after 2 seconds interval, the second liquid will be released (such as the palm stays If it takes more than 2 seconds)

5. Before replacing the new battery, first press the power switch of the base, after install a new battery, and close the battery cover, press the switch again.

Package Contents:

1 x Soap Dispenser

1 x English Manual

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