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Metal Windproof Torch Lighters

Metal Windproof Torch Lighters

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Why do you have to have a normal lighter to light your candles?

Allow your personality to shine with just a flick. 

This would definitely turn heads as a cool gift for a man or woman that likes to light up the candles at the party. 

Cooks are great flame user per would use this tool to create meal creations. Great to assist them with something Useful, Unique and Fun.

Stylish Look

Its the Palm holding arm that gives you the comfortable stability in feeling free to use it. Love that it formed a safety feature to make sure to point away from you. 

Best Results is when product is used by Responsible ADULTS ONLY.  Keep away from children, pets, skin, loose clothing and any other dangerous experiences.  


Material: Metal
Technics: Lacquer
Model Number: Metal Windproof Turbo Gas Lighters Smoking Accessories
Attribute 1: Turbo Lighter
Attribute 2: Gas Lighter
Attribute 3: Lighters Smoking Accessories
size: 4.6*7.5*12.6CM
weight: 96G
Fuel: Butane gas: Can be refueled with Butane Gas (Use YouTube to teach you how to refill your lighter)




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