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Vontries Pet Treat Feeder Tumbler

Vontries Pet Treat Feeder Tumbler

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Lets keep the energy moving in your pets body with our tumbler friend. This robot will allow your pet to feel like they have a Amazing Friend that pass out " TREATS!!!"

Every Pets Dream is to be feed wonderful treats just for being in the room. Well this robot buddy will answer that dream and some. This will create exercise, fun and a treat filled wonder of fun. This product is a plastic interactive device so this will be a safe product for your pets

Easy to use product you will open the fact of the robot and feed in the treat your pet Loves to Enjoy! Allow the device to be rolled around with the large wheels that moves it around. While your pet touches it, moves it, interact with it that pleases them a treat will float out of the opening wholes that produce the treat. As our pet is enjoying the more treats are provided and the more Interactive they become with their new friend.


Weight: About 246 Grams

Type: Dogs

Toys Type: Interactive Toys

Set Type: NO

Security Level: High

Material: plastic

Material: Plastic

Is Smart Device: NO

Function:: Clean Dog Teeth, Massage Dog Gums

Color: Green/Yellow/Blue

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