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Automatic Dispenser

Automatic Dispenser

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Automatic Dispenser

Use to get access to certain amount of soap to make sure over used. This is can be great for children and adults alike per this keeps everyone from bring germy with passing it all over. Great for bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages and etc. Where ever the access of liquid of your desire and allow usage to be easily accessed. 



1 Dispenser




Type: Liquid Soap Dispensers


Feature: Foam Soap Dispenser


Product name: foam wash a mobile phone

Productsize: 187 mm " 72 mm"107 mm

Net weight: 268

Liquid capacity: 400 ml

Power supply: usb charging

Waterproof levet: Px4

The way of produced liquid: infrared automatic inductionGrams of produced liquid: small amount of 0.55 g/ 1.1 g

Materiat ABS

Material accessories: manual


Reasonable control of foaming volume rich foam in clean hands at the same time more easy to wash foam without residue.

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