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Pixel Glow Sunglasses

Pixel Glow Sunglasses

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Lets Party!!  Glow up Pixel Style, let the night either flash, blink or just glow through your pass time.

Any Party can give its own spark but to have a art of Pixel and allowing the light action take over the excitement of the room.



This product is used for any party occasion, this is a standard shades with OV protection for the day, with led light action to glow in still mode, flash or blink during the night. LED Colors that are available is Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Green. Others coming soon.


Occasion Party such as :

Wedding & Engagement, Birthday Party, Children's Day, Back To School, Chinese New Year, New Year, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter, and Graduation along with any other party theme. This is a wireless product and this works best in the night settings.


Glow Supplies Type: Glow Sunglasses

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