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Hip Resistance Bands

Hip Resistance Bands

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Tighten up the areas of your Honey Hinney


Exercise is one of the very important thing you are to do per it keeps you young, healthy, Strong, and capable to be sharp. So doing 30 mins of a workout opens a lot of opportunities for your body. It will allow it to keep all the inner parts functioning and fresh. There are some that just want to move and there is some that want to increase a little more. These resistance bands allow you to develop muscles within the hips, thighs and heightens up the buttocks area.

Building muscle in different levels, 3 levels it comes with Light resistance (tension level 18-32lbs), Medium resistance (tension level 30-50lb) and Heavy resistance (tension level each level intense the muscle while walk, separate and close the legs.

It assist in resistance as you insert your legs within the ring of the band and slide up right under the buttocks resting on the thighs. You will feel the resistance you move around.


Resistance bands

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Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

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Department Name: Unisex

Color: Pink Purple Green Black Gray

Brand Name: MKAS

Application: Pull Rope

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