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Lime Sunflower

Long Cast Rod Fishing Reel Line Bag Set

Long Cast Rod Fishing Reel Line Bag Set

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Product Information:

Style: fishing rod + fishing reel + fishing line + fishing bag + bait box
Color: picture color
Specifications: 1.8m rod + RM1000 reel, 2.1m rod + RM1000 reel, 2.4m rod + RM2000 reel, 2.7m rod + RM2000 reel, 3.0m rod + RM3000 reel, 3.6m rod + RM3000 reel

Packing List:

1. Fishing rod
2. RM fishing reels
3. 5-pack sequins set
4. 10 5.5cm/1.5g soft baits
5. 10 7.5cm/3.5g soft baits
6. 6cm/13g Thunder Frog
7. 9cm/8.5g Mino
8. 10.2cm/14.5g rock
9. 6.5cm/11gVIB
10. 9.5cm/12g Popa
11. 5pcs 3/0#3g leaded hook with spring crank
12. 100 meters PE line (random)
13. Fishing gear storage bag

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