No Mess Hammock

$13.00 $36.00


This allows self maintenance without the hairy mess. This hammock provides a clean way to Shave with less hair accessed everywhere.

"Fellas, this will definitely Impress anyone close enough to see your clean grooming experience"

Model Number: L0268
Installation Type: Wall Mounted Type
Packaging: OPP
No. of Tiers: Single
Material: Polyester
Shaving cloth: white
Cut hair and cloth: black
Shaving and trimming cloth: Shaving cloth apron with suction cup

size: 130x80cm
Feature 1: Environmental protection
Feature 2: Easy to fold
Waterproof Floral Cloth: Household Cleaning Protector
Hair Cutting Coat: Beard Apron
Cloak Barber: Hair Shave
bathroom Accessory: Beard Catcher
Hair Care Tool: beard Cutting Umbrella
Bathroom Organizer: Easy Bathroom Cleaning