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Wireless Mouse pad Charger

Wireless Mouse pad Charger

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Expand your Mouse pad to a clean organized mat, still hold the ability of a mouse pad with wireless charging system built in it.

This will give your office, work desk, or school desk an advanced modern look within your office space. Providing a luxury look with the leather material large enough to place a mouse on the mat and charge a phone at the same time. Giving you a well kept space allowing this mat to have multi usage and save money for other office advances. Like special Aroma therapy lamps that can be controlled via remote ( which we sell separately).

The Mat 2-in-1 design of the mouse pad and tilted wireless device charging stand, it include a rechargeable 2.4 GHz wireless mouse with its own receiver, which is compatible with both Mac and PC computers. For it to recharge the mouse pad just treat it like a smartphone: place the device on the Qi pad, and instant wireless charging will begin. We also include a 3-foot Micro-USB charging cable so you can use it right away that charges the mat.


Style: Wireless Charger

Package: Yes

Model Number: W1-Wireless Charger Mouse pad

Material: Leather

3 Colors; Brown, Black, and Grey

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