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Fitness Brace for knee

Fitness Brace for knee

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Love to be fit, workout but need assistance to support for your knees this will help.

This product is for your knees, if you are runner, cyclist, weight lifter, basketball or just a casual gym person. Have problems with the knees? Like it hurts while moving this is the product for you it will allow you to take back your life.

This support device assist to the knee, its made to compress the knee to allow the blood to flow and sustain the pressures of pain. This is made of nylon, latex silk, spandex and silicone that wraps the knee in comfort and its breathable to for the skin while you sweat.

Available in 6 Adult Sizes. S - 3XXXL


Weight: Black/Blue/Red/Green/Orange/Pink/Black with Grey

Type: Compression knee pads


Model Number: A-7718

Material: Nylon, latex silk, spandex, Silicone

Feature: Comfortable and breathable

Age: Adult

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