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Zen Circle Wall Stickers For Gym

Zen Circle Wall Stickers For Gym

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Zen Circle Wall Sticker

Wellness is important to everyone it allows your spirit heal along with your body.

Allowing the space of healing be in a relax and calm space that people will recognize per the light view of this wall art that represents Zen presences. A place of Peace and Transquility. The Art of the wall allow the eyes to prepare the mind and body its in a peacefilled area. 

This is a self adhesive product that is safe and removable from whatever space  you desire to post your vinyl. The best results would be to visually see your vision, mark, clean surface first then remove the sticker cover from the adhesive and place the adhesive side to the surface and press. Press until the product is secure in the area you desire to place it. 





Pattern: Plane Wall Sticker
Style: Modern
Classification: For Refrigerator
Classification: For Cabinet Stove
Classification: For Tile
Classification: For Wall
Classification: Furniture Stickers
Classification: Switch Panel Stickers
Classification: Floor Stickers
Classification: Window Stickers
Specification: Single-piece Package
Scenarios: WALL
Material: PVC

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